What Strategies to Employ at the Early Stages of Multi-table Poker Tournaments

In order for people to be considered really good poker players, they should be able to manifest consistency in the way they play the game. It can be observed by almost anyone that winners usually play in a consistent, efficient and precise manner. At the end of it all, those who can display such unique qualities would win more games than the rest.

For players who may want to develop these unique qualities, they should first focus on the early stages of multi-table poker tournaments. Of course, they could not show their consistency without lasting in these events. Survival is very crucial and this can be done especially in the early parts of the tournaments.

Because the early stages is one of the most important and crucial parts of multi-table poker tournaments, players must somehow find a way to make past this all important part of the tournament. They should know what strategies to employ during these early stages. Poker game experts believe that playing it tight is the best thing to do at this point of the tournament because all sorts of players still exist here. Most probably, there will be great players here but there will also be reckless players lurking in each and every poker table.

Another thing, bluffing at this point of multi-table poker tournaments is greatly discouraged. One reason behind this very fact is that reckless players do not care about the strategies that their opponents are employing. Their lack of skill to analyze the different parts of the game translates into moves that are rather careless. Because of this, they would rather play and call every hand as much as possible.

Bluffing would then be an effective strategy to employ in these early stages. However, this efficient tool in poker should be played more in the latter stages, where only the best and the most knowledgeable players stay in the game. During the early parts, players should play conservatively as much as possible. Only strong hands should be played. All the rest should be folded.

Among the hands that should be played during the early stages of multi-table poker tournaments are an ace-ace, a king-king, a queen-queen, a jack-jack, and a suited ace-king starting hands. Another strategy that experts advise at this point of the event is to save more chips as much as possible for the latter and more important stages of the event. Reputations as respected players should be established also at these early stages.